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Growing up in the Ukrainian countryside, farm-to-table was not an upscale restaurant concept. It was a way of life. Our parents planted seedlings every spring, and we all pitched in to tend them as they grew. When our vegetables and fruits ripened, we would carry armfuls of garden produce to our mothers, who would use them to prepare mouth-watering meals. The land nourished our families; it grounded us in a tradition of producing, cooking, and enjoying our food together.


When we decided to start a family of our own, we wanted to provide our kids with the same wholesome, nutritious fare that defined our childhoods. However, this proved a bit difficult to do when we moved to the U.S. Much of what we found in supermarkets was processed, artificial, or full of sugar and preservatives. This left us with options that had to be cooked from scratch, and though both of us love cooking, doing so every meal was just not an option.


Between our fast-paced careers and our children’s jam-packed schedules, there simply were not enough hours in the day. We needed food that required little preparation while offering a lot of nutritious value. We needed food that we felt good giving to our children and that they felt good eating. Since we could not find anything that fulfilled all these conditions at once, we decided to take matters into our own hands.


We went to farmer’s markets to collect our ingredients: berries that were freshly picked and grains that were whole. Syrup straight from maples and nuts shaken off branches. We made our first granola from scratch using these key ingredients: oat flakes, nuts, seeds, dates, maple syrup, and a unique blend of Ayurvedic spices. Our children loved it, and our granola became a breakfast, snack-- anytime-- staple.

We began experimenting with other ingredients and learning more about the relationship between food and health. Ayurveda provided particularly powerful insights, and we applied them to fine-tune our recipes, so they harmonized with the larger contexts of our lifestyles. 


One morning, as our family gathered around our homemade granola to share in a precious moment of togetherness, it occurred to us: Every family should have this! Every family should be able to connect, if even for a short time, around wholesome, nutritious, tasty food. We decided then and there to share what we had created with the world. We hope that our products offer you and your loved ones what they offer us: satiation, health, and full-hearted moments of down-to-Earth joy.

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